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  • Angel`s Arbor Wall Plaque
    $24.95 Angel`s Arbor Wall Plaque
    An angel rests beneath an arch of blooms discussing the magic of flight with her butterfly companion. This sweet faux wood plaque adds a sunny touch of summer cheer no matter what time of year. Weight 0.6 lb. Loop at top...

  • Believe With God Wall Plaque
    $14.95 Believe With God Wall Plaque
    Intricate detailing reminiscent of ancient European churches makes this faux stone plaque into a truly special decoration, lending grandeur to its central message of faith and belief. Hole on back for hanging.Weight 0.8 lb...

  • black bead hanger
    $3.99 Black Bead Cocnut Shell Hanger
    6 inches long

  • buddha framed
    $9.99 Buddha Framed
    Framed and plaqued Buddha 8 x 7in.

  • Celestial Wall Plaque
    $12.95 Celestial Wall Plaque
    Intricate details lend astral glory to this starry stone-look moon and sun plaque.Polyresin. 11" x 1" x 10 1/2" high.

  • Exotic windcatcher
    $3.99 Exotic Dreamcatcher
    Pluck your dreams from the wind with the mystic webbing of these beautifully beaded and feathered windcatchers. 3" x 13" long.

  • framed buddha
    $9.99 Framed Buddha
    Framed plaqued Buddha 8 x7in.

  • Nature`s Guardian Angel Tapestry
    $25.95 $24.95 Nature`s Guardian Angel Tapestry
    Bless your home with a scene of divine tranquility! Richly woven tapestry depicts a pair of gentle angels tending to their forest friends beside a crystal stream. A gloriously glowing focus piece for your decor!Weight 1.5...

  • Open Winged Isis Wall Hanging
    $43.95 Open Winged Isis Wall Hanging
    Isis, the revered Goddess of Egypt, is displayed here in all of her divine glory. The goddess of motherhood, healing and magic, She is displayed here in her later form, with her wings spread and the horns and disc of station...

  • Tegal Prince Mask
    $10.99 Tegal Prince Mask
    7.5 x 11.5 in. tall

  • Witch Wall Plaque
    $16.95 $13.95 Witch Wall Plaque
    With quaint imagery the adorable Witch Wall plaque both flirts with the age old stereotypes and dispels them with warmth, and offers the words "Where there's a witch there's a way."