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  • Buddha Sandstone
    $9.99 Buddha Sandstone
    Wooden Base 7.5 x 4.5in.

  • Elemental Goddess of Wind Statue
    $41.95 Elemental Goddess of Wind Statue
    Painted in the colors of twilight, this statue shows the Goddess of Wind, floating upon the clouds in a billowing wind with skin and hair the color of a beautiful sky as the sun sets behind clouds.

  • Happy sitting Buddha
    $14.99 Happy Sitting Buddha Statue
    The Happy Buddha's sitting pose enhances his big belly which represents wealth and prosperity. With such an infectious smile, this silver and black statue is sure to inspire happiness around it in your home. Weight 1.8 lbs...

  • large sandstone Buddha
    $19.99 Large Sandstone Buddha
    On a wooden base 11.5x 8in.

  • Laxmi on Lotus Statue
    $19.95 Laxmi on Lotus Statue
    Portraying Laxmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth, power, grace, and beauty this statue is perfect you're your altar at home, Displaying her sitting within the traditional red Sari and headdress upon a lotus blossom.

  • Mother cradles child statuette
    $13.99 Mother Cradles Child Statuette
    The tender love a mother has for her child is captured in simple elegance with this natural-finish statuette. Baby is safely tucked in mother’s embrace with simple details that will make this piece a family treasure. ...

  • Praying Thai Buddha Statue
    $29.95 $23.95 Praying Thai Buddha Statue
    Buddha is captured in a moment of reflection, imparting a divine feeling of Zen into your surroundings. Intricately detailed faux wood statue has the priceless look of an exotic Asian treasure!Weight 1 lb. 6" x 3...

  • Sand stone Buddha
    $8.99 Sand stone Buddha
    Wooden base 6.5 x 3.5in.

  • Sandstone Ganesh Statue
    $9.99 Sand Stone Ganesh Statue
    Sandstone Ganesh statue on a wooden base 5.5 x 3.5in.

  • Sandstone Buddha
    $8.99 Sandstone Buddha
    Wooden base 6.5 x 3.5in.

  • Seated Buddha Figurine
    $24.95 Seated Buddha Figurine
    Captured in a classic position of meditation, a traditional Buddha figurine is resplendent in gleaming gold finish and rich burgundy robes trimmed with sparkling gems. The very image of wisdom and serenity! Polyresin. 5 ...

  • Serene Buddha Candle
    $14.95 Serene Buddha Candle
    Warm, golden light pours forth from a traditional-style Buddha sculpture, casting a calming, Zen-like aura over your surroundings. Artful candle has the exotic appearance of a teak temple sculpture; makes an ideal focus...

  • Small Laxmi on Lotus Statue
    $15.95 $14.95 Small Laxmi on Lotus Statue
    This beautiful statue portrays the Hindu goddess Laxmi on the traditional lotus blossom. As the goddess of prosperity, luck, beauty, courage, and fertility, she is a welcome addition to nearly any altar.

  • small sand stone Buddha
    $9.99 Small Sandstone Buddha
    6.5 x 5.75in.