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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Not a subsitute for a doctor's Care. Actual crystals may vary (color, size, etc.) from picture shown as no two are the same. If you are looking for a stone we do not carry feel free to contact us we will try to find it for you. 

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  • Amazonite Faceted Pendulum Brazil
    $11.95 Amazonite Faceted Pendulum Brazil
    A calming deep blue-green colour with fine white streaks, its name was derived from the Amazon River. The faceted cut of this pendulum shows off the true beauty of Amazonite, and its pointed end makes for more accurate...

  • Assorted Faceted 6 side pendulum
    $4.95 Assorted Faceted 6 side pendulum
    1 Pendulum selected at randon from available stock.

  • Assorted Gemstone Pendulums
    $6.95 Assorted Gemstone Pendulums
    Let chance and fate help you find the right pendulum for your divination, with this collection of assorted gemstone pendulums, chosen at random to aid you.

  • Baltic Amber Pendulum
    $11.99 Baltic Amber Pendulum
    Baltic amber is thought to have healing properties due to its high succinic acid content. Of all types of amber, Baltic amber contains the most succinic acid, which makes it the most valued. Another reason amber is...

  • Black Tourmaline Pendulum
    $11.99 Black Tourmaline Pendulum
    Tourmaline comes in a very wide color range. It is believed to enhance flexibility, happiness, objectivity, compassion, serenity, balance, positive transformation, healing, strength, tolerance, and understanding...

  • Bloodstone Faceted Pendulums
    $7.99 Bloodstone Faceted Pendulums
    Bloodstone - Increases physical strength and promotes courage. It is helpful in business and legal matters. Bloodstone has been found to increase the effectiveness and power of spells. When worn, this stone is said to...

  • blue aventurine pendulum
    $7.99 Blue Aventurine Faceted Pendulum
    The deep, mysterious blue aventurine is celebrated as the stone of the third eye chakra. Blue aventurine, also known as the stone of Aries, is believed to help lift spirits, increasing one's positive outlook. It is also...

  • Carnelian Faceted Pendulum India
    $7.99 Carnelian Faceted Pendulum India
    Carnelian protects against envy, fear and rage and helps to banish sadness from the emotional structure. It gives an energy conducive to the stabilization of energy in the home. The message of Carnelian is that since one...

  • Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum
    $9.99 Clear Quartz Crystal Pendulum
    Simple and elegant in design, this pendulum features a clear quartz stone as its bob. Quartz stone are popular for use in helping to store and shape energies used within your magical practices, making this pendulum quite...

  • Egyptian Style Rose Quartz Pendulum
    $11.99 Egyptian Style Rose Quartz Pendulum
    Beautifully designed rose quartz pendulum with round bead on the end of the chain.

  • Faceted Moonstone Pendulum
    $7.99 Faceted Moonstone Pendulum
    Moonstone has long been associated with the moon due to its iridescence. It looks like it shines from the moon. The most valuable stones also have a property, called adularescence, that makes the moon like sheen appear to...

  • Faceted Pendulum Black India Amethyst
    $7.99 Faceted Pendulum Black India Amethyst
    Extra quality pendulum with a gem beadIt is thought to aid with alcohol addiction. In fact, the name amethyst comes from the Greek word meaning not drunken. It's also been used to relieve hearing problems, sleeping ...

  • Faceted Pendulum Tigereye India
    $11.99 Faceted Pendulum Tigereye India
    Tiger Eye lets you see everything. Use it for insight and you can be a very lucky person. It is known to bring clear thinking.Tiger's Eye is a stone for the mind, not the body. Tiger Eye is used to focus the mind. It will...

  • Fancy Jasper Pendulum Faceted with Quartz Bead India
    $7.99 Fancy Jasper Pendulum Faceted with Quartz Bead India
    Fancy Jasper - Helps bring tranquility, eliminate worry and depression. It can help bring mental clarity and open the Crown Chakra.

  • Gemstone Pendulum-Rose Quartz-India
    $7.99 Gemstone Pendulum-Rose Quartz-India
    Rose quartz is for love and is often referred to as the the stone of universal love. It helps bring trust and harmony into relationships and helps balance emotions. This is a stone that brings happiness to the owner.

  • Gold Plated Brass Pendulum
    $6.95 Gold Plated Brass Pendulum
    Sculpted of brass and plated in gold, this pendulum features a bob that has been designed in a wide open spiral that narrows in a conical design to the pointed spool.

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