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  • Angelic Trio Oil Warmer
    $19.99 $17.99 Angelic Trio Oil Warmer
    Fill a room with a truly heavenly scent. Three beautiful faux alabaster angels surround a votive candle as it warms your favorite oil in the clear glass dish. A divine bit of daily...

  • Buddha Head Serenity Oil Warmer
    $4.95 Buddha Head Serenity Oil Warmer
    Welcome tranquility and aroma into your home with the Buddha Head Oil Warmer. Lift the top to add the scented oil of your choice, and with a candle tucked in the back, your room will be filled with relaxing scent. Even ...

  • Flower Oil Warmer
    $3.95 Flower Oil Warmer
    Artistic tulip shape cut into the base of this oil warmer allows fun flower figure to shine on the walls.Porcelain. Tealights only (not included). 3 3/4" diameter x 41/2" high. Sold individually...

  • Gracious Grecian Oil Warmer
    $4.95 Gracious Grecian Oil Warmer
    Timelessly elegant, this ornamental oil warmer brings a classic Grecian air to any stately dcor! Tuck a candle into the base, add a few drops of perfume oil to the pitcher, and brighten the air with your favorite scent...

  • Hand Painted Oil Warmer
    $13.00 Hand Painted Oil Warmer
    Hand painted design, w/tea light candle

  • Harmony Oil Warmer
    $7.50 $6.95 Harmony Oil Warmer
    A crystalline oil dish balances delicately atop three slender columns of midnight black metal. An intriguing evening scene as a glowing candle warms your favorite scented oil from below! Weight 0.4 lb. 3 7/8"...

  • Heavenly Mother Oil Warmer
    $6.99 $5.95 Heavenly Mother Oil Warmer
    Emblazoned with the image of the Holy Mother and her Son, this inspirational oil warmer invokes a mood of reverent reflection. Add your scented oil, and surround your spirit with a halo of divine fragrance! Weight 0.6 lb...

  • Mini Oil Warmer Trio
    $9.95 Mini Oil Warmer Trio
    Attractive ceramic decorative oil warmers beautify most any decor, brightening the room with twinkling light and a subtle hint of fragrance. Set includes one each in white, black and brown glazes. Weight 1 lb. Each is 2...

  • Oil Warmer Gift Box (various)
    $3.95 Oil Warmer Gift Box (various)
    A wonderful gift box containing a ceramic oil warmer, vial of scented oil and a tealight. Warmer/Oil combination chosen at random from available stock. 3 3/4" x 3"

  • Open Oil Warmer
    $6.00 Open Oil Warmer
    Open design soapstone oil warmer. (Approximately 3" tall.)...

  • Small Oil Warmer
    $9.00 Small Oil Warmer
    Oil diffuser w/tea light candle. (3" tall)

  • Soapstone Oil Warmer
    $15.00 Soapstone Oil Warmer
    Oil diffuser w/tea light candle

  • Twin Fairies Oil Warmer
    $19.99 $18.99 Twin Fairies Oil Warmer
    Choose your fragrance and let this pair of fairies add their sweetness to your warming oil. Each fairy holds a dove, bringing a sense of peace to the warmth of the candle between them. Weight 0.8 lb. 7" x 4" x...