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  • Miss Evonne
    $4.95 Miss Evonne
    Plush Toy

  • Miss Evonne  (and the Mice of Nice)
    $9.99 Miss Evonne (and the Mice of Nice)
    Miss Evonne learns there are more important things than a clean house!"At last Miss Evonne began to see How nice being friends with mice can be. Miss Evonne in the end Became their very best friend. On this the mice...

  • Noreen
    $9.99 Noreen
    Noreen suddenly realizes how important friends are! "When a roar is heard in the jungle,The animals run quickly to hide.For nobody expects to be frightenedBy a loud-mouthed bird at his side. " by Babette...

  • Noreen KPT-NOR
    $4.95 Noreen KPT-NOR
    Plush Toy

  • Oscarpus
    $9.99 Oscarpus
    Oscarpus learns about ‘Broken Trust’!"He began to see things, That he wanted to own, Like a cap for his head And a bright silver comb." by Babette Douglas...

  • Oscarpus KPT-OSC
    $4.95 Oscarpus KPT-OSC
    Plush Toy

  • Rosebud
    $9.99 Rosebud
    Rosebud finds out who made the world!The little mantis started The truth became clear to see. “Is whoever made the world The same as who made me?” by Babette Douglas...

  • Rosebud KPT-ROS
    $4.95 Rosebud KPT-ROS
    Plush toy

  • Squirt
    $9.99 Squirt
    A book about love and friendship!"So Squirt began whipping some batter. With his many arms he would spin. He enjoyed helping his new friend And forgot how lonely he’d been." by Babette...

  • Squirt KPT-SQU
    $4.95 Squirt KPT-SQU
    Plush toy

  • The Lyon Bear
    $9.99 The Lyon Bear
    Lyon Bear learns how to be honest with himself and others.With mane and tail he kept tryin’. To be not a bear but a lion. Yet a lion with a real mane Would not whine and complain, “WITH THIS MANE...

  • The Lyon Bear KPT-THE
    $4.95 The Lyon Bear KPT-THE

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