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  • Amazing Grace
    $9.99 Amazing Grace
    Grace teaches responsibility to the earth by recycling!"Overboard came bottles and wrappers, Food and cartons and cans, Returned with tires and boxes And trash that belonged on the land." by...

  • Amazing Grace KPT-AMA
    $4.95 Amazing Grace KPT-AMA
    Plush toy

  • Blue Wise
    $9.99 Blue Wise
    We are all special!They saw with eyes wide That the message was true It no longer mattered That his bright eyes were blue." by Babette...

  • Blue Wise KPT-BLUE
    $4.95 Blue Wise KPT-BLUE
    Plush toy

  • Bluffalo
    $4.95 Bluffalo
    Plush Toy

  • Bluffalo   (Wins his Great Race)
    $9.99 Bluffalo (Wins his Great Race)
    Learns that trying your best can be rewarding!"The herd that was watching Laughed out with glee. “That babe’s look of victory Is funny to see.” by Babette Douglas...

  • Curly Hare
    $4.95 Curly Hare
    Plush Toy

  • Curly Hare  (Gets It Straight)
    $9.99 Curly Hare (Gets It Straight)
    Curly Hare learns how to live life with joy and acceptance!     "That day he began to realize, We’re not just what is seen with the eyes. Others care what we are deep inside In the place...

  • Falcon Eddie
    $9.99 Falcon Eddie
    Our children need good role models before they can ‘fly’!"She continued to dream of his soaring,There upon her high inner view,Soaring high, high up to the mountains, Doing what no other falcon could do...

  • Falcon Eddie KPT-FAL
    $4.95 Falcon Eddie KPT-FAL
    Plush toy

  • Kiss-A-Mee
    $4.95 Kiss-A-Mee
    Plush Toy

  • Kiss-A-Mee I
    $9.99 Kiss-A-Mee I
    A little whale learns about love and trust."And once reunited, They circled with glee, Drew close together And swam out to sea." by Babette...

  • Kiss-A-Mee II
    $9.99 Kiss-A-Mee II
    A little whale learns important life lessons."The baby whale dove, Controlling his speed. “I’ll learn here the lessons In life I might need."  by Babette...

  • Kiss-A-Mee III
    $9.99 Kiss-A-Mee III
    A little whale rescues a friend in need. Thank you, little whale, For being loving and true, I will remember forever How much I owe you.” by Babette...

  • Larkspur
    $9.99 Larkspur
    Life can smell great even with a wooden nose!Why, my name is Larkspur, Mr. Stinky,” the bear politely answered.  Mother named  me for the flowers in her garden. "  by Babette...

  • Larkspur KPT-LAR
    $4.95 Larkspur KPT-LAR
    Plush toy

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