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  • Steampunk clock
    $6.95 Steampunk Clock
    Exposed gear steampunk clock. Pewter No cord included 1 1/2"x 1 1/4"

  • Sweet Dreams Talisman
    $6.95 $5.95 Sweet Dreams Talisman
    Draw the sweetest dreams into your life and aid them in becoming a reality with this beautiful lead-free pewter amulet. Measuring 1 1/8" in diameter with a bright drop of colored glass at its center, this amulet is...

  • Tiger Eye Power Bracelet
    $7.95 Tiger Eye Power Bracelet
    Made of 1/4" polished tiger eye spheres. Often worn to help enhance psychic and mental ability this bracelet is great for ritual craft. Adjustable. 3"

  • Tiger Eye Prayer Mala
    $21.95 Tiger Eye Prayer Mala
    A 36" long prayer mala made from polished Tiger Eye beads and finished and joined into a loop by a tassel.

  • Tranquility Zen Bath Salts
    $3.99 $3.00 Tranquility Zen Bath Salts
    Tensions melt away and unwind at the end of a challenging day! Expressly balanced from nature’s finest fragrances, these aromatherapy bath salts invoke tranquility and promote total mind and body relaxation.Sold...

  • Triple Moon Pentagram Altar/Tarot Cloth
    $15.95 $13.95 Triple Moon Pentagram Altar/Tarot Cloth
    Perfect for a medium sized altar or table and wonderful for wrapping your Tarot deck, this altar cloth displays a silver triple moon symbol of the Goddess, and pentagram, within a golden Celtic border.

  • Turquoise Power Bracelet
    $6.95 Turquoise Power Bracelet
    A braclet made withTurquoise beads...

  • Unadorned Altar Bell
    $7.95 Unadorned Altar Bell
    Unadorned and all the more beautiful for it, these silver-plated bells come are a fantastic addition to any altar space, with a high ringing tone and simple design.

  • Viking Protection Talisman
    $4.99 $3.95 Viking Protection Talisman
    A Norse amulet featuring an ancient viking symbol of protection with an included satin cord for wearing. This talisman measures 1" in diameter.

  • Wealth and Happiness Talisman
    $9.99 $7.95 Wealth and Happiness Talisman
    This coin-shaped talisman is adorned with ancient Chinese symbols to attract wealth, good health and happiness to the bearer. Measuring 1 3/4" in diameter this medallion comes with a black satin cord for wearing...