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  • 1618 Gold Magnetic Sand (Lodestone Food) 1oz
    $2.49 $1.95 1618 Gold Magnetic Sand (Lodestone Food) 1oz
    Lodestones, traditionally "fed" with iron filings on a regular basis, can also take hold of any magnetic material. This 1 ounce packet of golden magnetic sand can be used in place of ordinary iron fillings with your...

  • Attract Love spell mix 3/4oz
    $2.95 Attract Love spell mix 3/4oz
    Our herbal spell mixtures are designed to be used in spell sachets, charm bags, ritual baths or even burned upon charcoal as incense. In this particular case, it is intended to empower your love spells, with components...

  • Attraction soap 3oz
    $3.50 $2.95 Attraction soap 3oz
    This magical soap is specially crafted to lend you powerful help in seeking love and attraction. Use it to wash and have luck turned a little more in your favor when you're trying to win over the one you desire or simply...

  • Black Salt Packet 1oz
    $1.95 Black Salt Packet 1oz
    This powerful ritual component is of great use in removing jinxes and keeping away evil forces or bad neighbors. Sprinkle it in the area you desire to protect or in ritual circles to empower your magic, or blend small...

  • Chandrika Sandal Soap 75gm
    $3.50 $2.95 Chandrika Sandal Soap 75gm
    Chandrika sandal soap offers you total skin care as it brightens body complexion, cleanse and refresh the body, moisturize the skin to keep it soft and supple, and gently perfumes with the scent of sandalwood.

  • copper wand
    $19.99 Copper Healing Wand -Amethyst Merkaba & Faceted Quartz point 175 mm
    The word Merkaba can be broken down thus: MER: rotating fields of light, KA: spirit, and BA: soul (this is taken from an 18th dynasty Egyptian translation, and in Hebrew it means 'chariot'). Therefore, Mer-Ka-Ba means the...

  • Earth Mini Bath Kit
    $6.95 $5.95 Earth Mini Bath Kit
    The element of Earth is often invoked for money drawing, good luck, and grounding. This kit provides you with all that you'll need to invoke the element of Earth within your ritual bath, helping to ground and balance your...

  • Gold Lodestone
    $2.95 Gold Lodestone
    Lodestones are natural magnets and for centuries they have been used in magic to charge spell items, increase the power of gris gris bags, and otherwise work as charms of protection, good luck, and healing. This gold toned...

  • Graveyard Dirt 1oz
    $2.95 Graveyard Dirt 1oz
    This iconic graveyard dirt is a powerful symbolic tool, used to form a link with ancestors and spirits of the dead for spirits of protection, curses, and compelling love spells.

  • Healing Spell Mix
    $2.95 Healing Spell Mix
    You will find that our Healing Spell Mix is crafted of the finest herbs, chosen specifically for the power that they will add to your spells and rituals of healing. Whether you're seeking to mend spiritual and emotional...

  • Holy Water 4oz
    $5.00 $4.50 Holy Water 4oz
    This holy water has been carefully blessed be a holy man within the spiritual community. Holy water can be used to protect and cleanse people, places, or things and is often used to consecrate ritual spaces and ritual tools...

  • Love Me Patchouli soap 3oz
    $3.50 $2.95 Love Me Patchouli soap 3oz
    This potent, mystical soap is specially crafted so as to bring love and devotion into one's life if it is used as part of a ritual cleansing and love spells. Scented with patchouli, it is particularly powerful for these...

  • Natural Lodestone
    $2.95 Natural Lodestone
    Lodestones have been used for centuries within magic to charge spell items and attract positive forces to the one using them. As natural magnets, they are often used in pairs, with one used to repel bad luck while the other...

  • Purification Spell Mix
    $2.95 Purification Spell Mix
    This blend of herbs is specifically intended to lend power to your spells and rituals, particularly those that involve consecration and purification. Add the herbal blend to your spell sachets, charm bags and rituals to...

  • Rue soap 3oz
    $3.50 $2.95 Rue soap 3oz
    Pleasantly scented, with a soft, clean aroma this 3 ounce bar of Rue Soap leaves you feeling its energetic effects with but a whiff of its fragrance. When applied in a ritual bath or cleansing, it is designed to wash away...

  • Spell Breaker Soap
    $3.50 $2.95 Spell Breaker Soap
    This powerful magical aid is intended to be used in your ritual bathing to aid you in breaking curses, hexes, and other such negative spells that have been cast upon you. This is a 3 oz bar of soap that measures...

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