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  • Clear Toned Small Bells
    $0.95 Clear Toned Small Bells
    These one inch brass bells come in various shapes and styles. The high clear tone they emit when rung is ideal for ritual and calling the elemental energies. Makes a sweet and pleasant sound.

  • Large Wiccan Altar Bell
    $10.95 $8.95 Large Wiccan Altar Bell
    Made of brass, these Wiccan Altar bells are a lovely addition to your altar and ritual crafts, used to clear negative energies or to invoke the Goddess.

  • Medium Clear Toned Brass Bell
    $12.95 $11.95 Medium Clear Toned Brass Bell
    With diverse styling, these bells are all finely crafted of brass that glistens brightly when struck by light. Each shape produces a different tone and quality of sound, certain to suit your need. Chosen at random for your...

  • Pentagram Altar Bell
    $8.95 $7.95 Pentagram Altar Bell
      Hear the light, ringing song of this small silver-plated bell and incorporate it in your magic. Standing 3" tall, with an engraved pentacle design and scalloped edges around its rim, the chime of...

  • Unadorned Altar Bell
    $7.95 Unadorned Altar Bell
    Unadorned and all the more beautiful for it, these silver-plated bells come are a fantastic addition to any altar space, with a high ringing tone and simple design.