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About Us

Spiritual Growth Products is a division of The Spoken Words of Spirit, Inc., which is the basis for the work of Jim Fargiano, a renowned medium/psychic, author and spiritual advisor. We carry his book, The Spoken Words of Spirit, mugs, magnets and a guided meditation CD, Escaping Boundaries, a combined project with singer/songwriter Jessie Haynes.

This website was created to help individuals grow in a variety of spiritual, natural and holistic ways and to provide products from as many religious paths as possible. Along with the books, crystals, and spiritual decor, we are especially pleased to carry a wide selection of Young Living products and a line of children's books and toys by Babette Douglas.

*All of the descriptions for our products are for educational purposes only, and have not been evaluted by the food and drug administration. The information is not a subsuitute for doctors care or intended to prevent, treat, diagnose, or cure any disease.

If you do not see a producted listed on our site please contact us we would be happy try and find it for you. We also would be happy to Reiki charge items upon request.

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